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Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation

Treadway Creek Greenway Restoration & Trail
Fact Sheet

Restoring and preserving 21 acres of riparian corridor and open space, two-thirds of a mile long, through conservation easements along Treadway Creek, a tributary to the Cuyahoga River and part of the Lower Big Creek Valley watershed.




Photo courtesy of Friends of Big Creek: Top of Trail at Harmody Park, Fall 2007Additional Background Information

Dedication Ceremony: May 16, 2008

Location/Ward: Plymouth Road and South Hills Boulevard, Ward 15

Acreage: 21.12 acres (including Harmody Park)

Project Description: The Department of Parks restored and preserved 21 acres of prime riparian corridor, wooded ravine and open space through land acquisition and placement of a conservation easement. In addition a 2/3-mile asphalt paved, all-purpose trail linking Harmody Park with the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail was constructed—thereby creating public access from the surrounding neighborhoods into this natural ravine and to the Towpath Trail. The trail included retaining walls of varying heights planted with native plants, interpretive, way finding and educational signage, scenic lookout areas, custom benches, and hand crafted timber railings. Restoration elements included erosion and water quality improvements, native plant installation, invasive plant removal, and a native grass seed mix and native woodland wildflowers.

Prime Consultant:
1220 West Sixth Street Suite 300
Cleveland OH 44113

Floyd Browne Group
450 Grant Street
Akron OH 44311

Project Manager:
Division of Research, Planning & Development
Mark C. Fallon, Commissioner
Donald A. Kasych, Senior Landscape Architect

Photo courtesy of Friends of Big Creek: Along the Trail, Fall 2007Contractor/Address:
F. Buddie Contracting, LTD.
12120 Sobieski Avenue
Cleveland OH 44135
Cost: $1,342,265 (construction)

Fund Source:
$745,316 Clean Ohio Conservation Fund grant
$498,000 G.O. Bond Proceeds
$40,000 CMHA land donation value
$10,000 Ohio & Erie Canal Association grant to OBCDC
$273,850 value of in-kind service and property
$285,000 Ward 15 G.O.Allocation ($5k Ward 16)

Additional Facts:

  • The Clean Ohio Conservation Fund grant was awarded in 2003. Old Brooklyn Community Development Corp., Ohio Canal Corridor and Department of Parks and City Planning staff collaborated on the City’s application.
  • An invasive species plant removal was conducted in November 2005 by James Ford Rhodes High School biology teachers Kim Swaggard-Svec and Jim Gazda and approximately 25 students. The teachers and students removed over 1,500 invasive plants that were choking out native species. They pulled and bagged Japanese knotweed and other non-native plants. The students learned about invasive plants, public relations (educating people about the project), science data collection and community awareness of the importance of greenspace.
  • The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District constructed/rehabilitated the Big Creek Interceptor, part of which is located in the ravine in 2006/07. Rehabilitation of numerous manholes, catch basins, culvert headwalls and other stormwater drainage structures were included. One of five work shafts was constructed in the Treadway Creek ravine and required temporary and permanent easements from the City of Cleveland. Construction began in January 2005—the original completion date was projected as July 2006. Unfortunately, the City of Cleveland was not allowed to start construction of the trail project until the Big Creek Interceptor job was completed, which finally was done in May 2007. Interpretive signage about the sewer work was designed with the assistance of NEORSD staff. The cost of the entire Big Creek Interceptor project most of which cannot be seen was $12,700,000.
  • The Cuyahoga County Engineer provided survey services through Ohio Canal Corridor equipment grant funds, which saved more than $20,000 for the project.
  • The Clean Ohio Conservation Fund required the City to grant a conservation easement on the greenway. The City is granting the easement to West Creek Preservation Committee at a cost of $20,000. The Greenway will be conserved by West Creek for its scenic, natural, aesthetic, recreational, and education resource in its present state as a natural, scenic, wooded and riparian area, constituting a natural habitat for plants and wildlife. Illegal dumping in the ravine, which has been an ongoing problem, will be eliminated.
  • Ohio Canal Corridor a non-profit agency committed to ‘building a different kind of a park’ has conducted RiverSweep, a clean-up program that included the Treadway Creek Greenway for the past few years, including this year’s program on May 10, 2008. Tons of garbage was removed in this 1,200-strong volunteer effort. Thanks to the Treadway Creek Greenway Restoration project this year the garbage was somewhat reduced, however a minority group of ignorant residents continue to mistreat the ravine.
  • Natural resource community education program opportunities are to be explored by the local schools and the Old Brooklyn Community Development Corp. In addition, the local councilman proposes a trailblazer program to be the eyes and ears on the trail. Anyone interested in joining should contact the Ward 15 Office.

Prepared by: Division of Research, Planning & Development
April 3, 2008
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Additional Background Information

Treadway Creek Greenway & Trail Openings
December 1, 2007 and May 16, 2008

On December 1st neighbors gathered at Harmody Park to celebrate the opening of the new all-purpose trail in the Treadway Creek Greenway. Hot chocolate, cider and pastries were enjoyed as well as golf cart tours of the two-third's mile-long trail and 20-acre greenway/ravine. See coverage in the January 2008 issue of the Old Brooklyn News.

The official opening of the trail on May 16, 2008 at 8:30 a.m. included U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich, City of Cleveland Mayor Jackson, Cleveland Councilmen Brian Cummins and Kevin Kelley.

Project Partners and Supporters: City of Cleveland; Cuyahoga County Engineer; Councilman Brian Cummins, Ward 15; Councilman Kevin Kelley, Ward 16; Cuyahoga County Natural Resources Assistance Council; F. Buddie Contracting, Ltd.; Friends of Big Creek; Ohio Canal Corridor; Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation; Rhodes High School Environmental Studies; Schmidt Copeland Parker Stevens; State of Ohio Issue I - Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program.

It is hoped that there is interest in neighborhood stewardship of the greenway and trail and that residents will volunteer to assist with periodic maintenance, environmental management and safety issues.