Health in Action: Call for Abstracts

We encourage the submission of abstracts highlighting practical, tested, culturally-appropriate strategies or best practices that can be implemented in community health development initiatives. Desired topics for submission include, but are not limited to:


·        Best practices, knowledge and lessons learned from successes and challenges in community health initiatives across         

Northeast Ohio and beyond

·        Innovative methodology to address social determinants of health of  a community and/or special and underserved populations

·        Use of data-driven and evidence-based practices in public and community health

·        Cross-sector  partnerships to advance population health and health equity

·        Trends to build and/or rebuild  thriving communities


Submissions will be evaluated for oral presentation during a breakout session, or as part of a panel. Abstracts should be composed of no more than 250 words, not including the title.


Organize your abstract into the following sections:

·        Purpose and Introduction to problem/issue

·        Learning objective(s)

·        Methodology

·        Outcome(s)

·        Conclusion and recommendation(s) for practice


Additionally, please include the following information after the body of your abstract.

·        Primary author/presenter’s name and contact information (including phone and email)

·        Name(s) of co-author(s)

·        Brief biographical statement of the primary author (composed of no more than 150 words)


Abstract selection has been finalized for the Health In Action 2018 summit.

If you are interested in presenting at the 2019 Health In Action summit, please contact Jennifer King at