Standard offerings: Gourmet cupcakes, custom cakes

How long have you been in business? 3 years

What motivated you to start your business? I became a baker simply because I wanted to make a cake for my DIY wedding in 2015. I took a few cake-decorating classes at the local craft store and instantly became obsessed. I wanted to learn the science behind baking and how to really work with flavors. I started to experiment with recipes during my free time, and eventually I created some winners. When co-workers and friends kept demanding more cupcakes, I decided it was time to share with more people. Frazier Cakes was born.

Now, I’ve brought all those recipes to you. My belief is that every cake and cupcake should be made from scratch, from sponge to frosting. You should know what’s going into your baked goods--and you should be able to pronounce the ingredients!

What is your favorite part about operating your business?

Seeing people smile when they see their cake for the first time. Or seeing people excited when they get their gourmet, beautiful cupcakes

What are you looking forward to most about the market/movie nights?

In addition to our gourmet flavors, we always serve cupcakes that match the movie for the night. We love to get creative and see how excited people get when they stop by our stand to find out what the cupcake of the night looks like!

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