Old Brooklyn is a community full of civic pride and we'd like to make it easier for you to get involved. We hear all the time from neighbors who'd like to volunteer for events, participate in cleaning or greening activities, or just offer themselves for community service.  If you are interested, click the blue button below and fill out the form.  We'll get in touch when opportunities arise!

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OBCDC Committees

Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation is a non-profit in our community with the mission to develop and revitalize the community by uniting and empowering residents, business leaders, and government around plans and initiatives to achieve social, economic and civic improvement.

To that end we have various committees where individuals can get involved on a higher level.  Below are the current committees, descriptions of each and what we're looking for in potential members.  Below you'll find information on each committee; if you're interested in applying click the button on the bottom.


Marketing Committee

We're looking for: Individuals with experience in Public Relations, Photography/Videography,Marketing, Communications, Social Media, Graphic Design, Writing.

What we do: The committee meets regularly to discuss efforts to promote the community to future residents and businesses as well as engage people to market events and activities. Often the committee develops strategies and tools for engagement and outreach.

Neighborhood Development Committee

We're looking for: Individuals with experience in commercial and residential development, real estate law/contracts, property brokerage, construction, historic preservation, real estate financing

What we do: The Committee meets to review neighborhood development projects and strategies.  A sub-committee focused solely on housing rehabilitation works regularly with CDC staff on potential projects and other sub-committees or meetings are called on an as-needed basis. Committee members engage individually with CDC staff around their expertise as particular needs and projects arise.  

Resident Community Health Committee

We're looking for: Individuals who are passionate about creating positive, healthy changes in the areas of Food Access, Greenspace, Chronic Disease, Housing, Substance Use, and Neighborhood Resources in Old Brooklyn.

What we do: Old Brooklyn CDC uses a Community Health lens for its work throughout the neighborhood. This committee will help lead new ideas, programs, and interventions for supporting a healthy neighborhood by understanding the impact of the social determinants of health.

Education Committee

We're looking for: Individuals with a background in education such as teachers, parents, students, experts in nutrition and recreation/health fitness.

What we do: The education committee will focus on Old Brooklyn education programming and priorities, support outreach staff in an effort to connect with schools and education institutions to enhance opportunities for Old Brooklyn students.

Fundraiser Committee

We're looking for: Individuals with experience in fundraising, planning major events and galas, those with relationships to foundations or corporations with major sponsorship operations.

What we do: The committee identifies, connects and secures resources to support OBCDC. Members will have opportunity to serve on Host Committee for "An Old Brooklyn Nite" 2019 fundraiser.

Greenspace Committee

We're looking for: Individuals with interest and/or knowledge of gardening, managing/planning beautification projects,  trees and the Reforest Our City initiative, environmental stewardship

What we do: The committee meets regularly to pursue neighborhood greening projects, organize volunteer efforts, host educational events and advise Ben Franklin Community Garden.  

Finance Committee

We're looking for: Individuals with experience in accounting and bookkeeping. 

What we do: The committee meets monthly to assist in financial stewardship, accounting and budget development.