On July 29th, Old Brooklyn hosted its second annual Summer Smorgasbord on Pearl Road. Nearly 20,000 residents and guests filled the main street of our neighborhood and enjoyed music, food, family entertainment and much more. 

The event was made possible by over 20 sponsors and partners, from local small businesses to the City of Cleveland. But the true champion of our community was you, our newest business and biggest supporter of our organization’s mission to make Old Brooklyn a great place to grow.  

From our entire staff, board of directors, local officials, and most importantly our community itself – Thank you, MCPc!


Your support helped us spread the word:


A deeper partnership:   


At Old Brooklyn CDC we are thrilled about the partnership and possibilities that your new facility bring to our neighborhood.  The potential to develop programs with local schools, hire local residents as part of a workforce development strategy and the adaptive reuse of a long-vacant building mean so much to the neighborhood.  Your support of Smorgasbord created a day of fun for families and guests, but your presence in our community will have lasting impacts for many more.

Grow with the Neighborhood: 

Old Brooklyn is a great place to grow.  Whether that refers to your plot at Ohio’s largest community garden, the purchase of your family’s first home or the expansion of your small (or not-so-small) business – our motto rings true for everyone in the community.  As Cleveland’s largest neighborhood, at 35,000 residents, we have no shortage of stories. 

From fourth generation businesses and homes owned by the same family for a century, to new restaurants and homeowners the community is a mix of old and new, historic and dynamic.  MCPc’s “end of life” program sits at that same crossroad; a new and growing market dedicated to security and deletion of old technology.  It will provide opportunities for diverse members of the community and we are excited to grow with you.


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