Standard offerings:

  • Leafy Greens (kale, collards, arugula, salad mix, lettuce) 
  • Heirloom Tomatoes (cherries, sauce, and slicers)
  • Peppers (sweet and hot) 
  • Cucumbers (pickling and slicers) 
  • Squash (green and yellow zucchini) 
  • Eggplant
  • Tomatillos
  • Ground Cherries

How long have you been in business? First year!

What motivated you to start your business?

We have been working on farms across the country for the past 5 years and have been dreaming the whole time about bringing what we learned back home to Ohio.

What is your favorite part about operating your business?

Feeding everyone we know! It’s hard to believe that the seeds we sowed in February are soon going to feed so many people in this community and we love that part of urban farming. 

What are you looking forward to most about the market/movie nights?

We are so excited to meet new people, make new friends, and share our progress with everyone as the summer nights unfold. Plus, who doesn’t love a movie night!?

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RECIPE IDEA: Eggplant Stirfry

This recipe is from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) "What's Cooking?" Mixing Bowl. Pick up many of these ingredients directly at our market.