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Wards 15 & 16 have received significant grant funding with which to undertake focused and interrelated planning and development studies during the coming year. The following summarizes the projects, sources and amounts of funding and parties responsible for managing each of these important and complimentary studies:

  1. Ward 15/16 Master Plan – A comprehensive study of the two wards social, economic and physical development potential. The study examined issues surrounding land use, economic development, housing, traffic & transportation and public facilities. End product is a physical development plan that assesses market conditions and identifies development and redevelopment opportunities, transportation and streetscape enhancements, and required public and private investment. It also includes an action plan to prioritize measures required to implement the plan along with sources and uses of funds.

    Project budget: approximately $125,000, provided by the two City Council representatives. The Cuyahoga County Planning Commission (CPC) is the consultant. CPC, in addition to its plan preparation role, also assumed the role of coordinating the integration of the other three planning studies along with designing and implementing a public participation strategy. Project Manager: Kristin Hopkins. ($125,000 total)

    A directory of the information in the Master Plan can be found online: Old Brooklyn and Brooklyn Centre Neighborhood Master Plan 2009

    For additional information and to download PDF's of the plan: Old Brooklyn/Brooklyn Centre Neighborhood Master Plan (Cuyahoga County Planning Commission).

  2. U.S. EPA $200,000 Area wide Brownfield Assessment Grant for the Lower Big Creek Area – This study will concentrate on performing Phase I and Phase II environmental assessments of key properties in the Lower Big Creek Valley. The emphasis will be on assessing proposed routes for a connector trail to link the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo with the Towpath Trail’s Harvard Road Trailhead. Funding was received from U.S. EPA’s highly competitive Region 5 Brownfield Assessment Program. Hull & Associates is under contract with the City of Cleveland to perform these services. George Cantor of the Cleveland City City Planning Commission is the Project Manager. ($200,000 total)

  3. Lower Big Creek Valley Greenway Redevelopment & Restoration Plan – This study consists of a master plan and an economic revitalization strategy for the Lower Big Creek Area between Brookside Park and Jennings Road. It combines information contained in past planning studies by NOACA and others and serves as the “vision” document for future valley planning and development activity. The project budget was $65,000, with sources of funding from the Ohio & Erie Canal Association, Cleveland Metroparks, Ward 15 Councilman Brian Cummins and Ward 16 Councilman Kevin Kelley, and the City of Cleveland. Floyd Browne Associates was the consultant under contract to the Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation OBCDC). Tom Collins, OBCDC Commercial Manager was the Project Manager ($65,000 total).

  4. Pearl Road-West 25th Street NOACA TLCI Grant – The Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation received a $75,000 TLCI grant which was supplemented by $15,000 in local match funds by Ward 16 Councilman Kevin Kelley. The funds were used to conduct a comprehensive transportation study of this major north-south corridor, from Brookpark Road north to Lorain Avenue.

    The study focused on potential transit service improvements, transit waiting enhancements, transit area development opportunities, traffic calming and pedestrian and streetscape enhancements. Although the funds were received to examine the entire corridor, specific nodes were identified for in-depth planning study. These include Pearl Road/West 25th Street intersections with: Brookpark Road, Broadview and State Roads, Denison Avenue, the vicinity of the MetroHealth Medical Center main campus, Clark Avenue and Lorain Avenue. Donn Heckelmoser, OBCDC, is the Project Manager. ($90,000 total).

    Pearl Road / West 25th Street Transportation Corridor Plan: Building a Sustainable Future Around Connected Cleveland Neighborhoods. (February 2009) NOACA.
    Download the report (30.5MB).


U.S. EPA $200,000
Lower Big Creek Greenway 65,000
Ward 15-16 Master Plan 125,000
TOTAL $480,000


Comprehensive Market Strategy: Old Brooklyn and Brooklyn Center [sic] Neighborhoods. Prepared by Anderson Economic Group. June 2, 2008. Download report [pdf].
"This report details the development potential for retail, housing, office space, and sports and recreational venues" in the study area. It "includes recommendations for each of the three potential projects, supporting the collective work efforts of other consulting teams, and particularly the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission with the Ward 15 and Ward 16 Master Plan."

Comprehensive Market Strategy: Slide Presentation, June 19, 2008. Download presentation slides [pdf].

Lower Big Creek Valley Greenway Redevelopment & Restoration Plan, full text of the plan, prepared by Floyd Browne Group in association with schmidtcopelandparkerstevens, June 2008. Download report [pdf]. Please note large file size - 79MB. For faster viewing, download specific sections:

Section One: 1. Introduction; 2. Valley Resources; 3. Public Involvement; 4. Trail Route Alternatives; 5. Trail & Greenway Concept (Upland & Valley Trail Descriptions (19MB)
Section Two: 7. Environmental Regeneration Efforts; 8. Suggested Land Use Changes (Camping Site, Adventure Sports Site, Harshaw Chemical Site, Ecological Restoration - Henninger Landfill, Martin Enterprises Aggregates, Brookside Auto Recycling Yard); 8. Priorities & Next Steps; 9. Funding Strategies (34MB)
Appendix A - Development Guidelines (384K)
Appendix B - Master Plan Maps (27MB)
Appendix C - Cost Estimate (230K)
Appendix D - Public Meetings (160K)

The plan presents "a new vision for the Valley Greenway. The creation of this vision incorporates detailed future land use, public access, infrastructure, ecological restoration and environmental regeneration, open space and trail linkages and economic development concepts."

Cleveland City Planning Commission - Bikeway Master Plan: Lower Big Creek Valley Greenway
Description of the plan, full text of the study (as above), and the MS PowerPoint presentation made to the City Planning Commission by the consultant February 6, 2009.

Brooklyn Centre Walkable Community Workshop Report
The Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA), December 2008
Request Report

Summary of the Brooklyn Centre Workshop sponsored by NOACA on June 3, 2008. Instructors were bicycle and pedestrian professionals from the National Center for Bicycling and Walking (NCBW) (www.bikewalk.org). Brooklyn Centre obtained the NCBW Workshop through an application process. The workshop was four hours long and included presentations on best practices, a walking audit, and small group discussions about what was needed to make the community walkable. A plan to achieve this was then made by the entire group of participants. (Any policies, plans, maps or procedures do not represent official positions of the NOACA Governing Board.)

Old Brooklyn/Brooklyn Centre Neighborhood Master Plan (Cuyahoga County Planning Commission).