Old Brooklyn Diamond Line

Neighborhood Circulator

How it works:

The Old Brooklyn Diamond Line will run every Saturday from June 8th to September 14th from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.

  • The Circulator is FREE!

  • Fun for the kids & we’re pet friendly!

  • East and West lines will leave from the Market on the quarter-hour, every 15 minutes, starting at 8:00am

  • The last bus will depart the Market at 1:00pm

  • Every rider who gets on the bus OR off the bus at the Market will receive $2 Market Bucks that can be spent on goods at the Market (Market bucks will be given out when riders either exit or enter the bus at the Market)


Part of making Old Brooklyn a great place to grow means promoting healthy living habits for all of our residents. That is why our Community Health Strategy has a specific focus on combating structural inaccessibility and racism that prevent community members from accessing healthy foods and programming. This year, we decided to change-up our Farmers Market to better meet the needs of our community.

One way we did so is by relocating our Market from Loew Park on Tuesday nights to Pearl Road on Saturday mornings, right in the center of our neighborhood. It allows more members of our community to enjoy the benefits of the Market. Yet this presented more issues, namely in accessibility for our low income and senior community members who live in areas disconnected from the centers of our community.

For this reason, we are proud to partner with the Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation and Senior Citizen Resources to bring the members of our community high quality, reliable transportation with the Diamond Line Neighborhood Circulator. These lines are not only connecting members our neighborhood to the Farmers Market every Saturday morning, but connecting them to other prominent businesses and neighborhood assets that they otherwise might not be able to reach.